I specialize in black and gray fine line tattoos. My preferred subject matter is botanical, floral, animals, script, and mandalas. I do not prefer to do color, cartoons, cultural appropriation, anime, or flags.

For submissions, please send a concise design idea with placement, size, and reference photos to my email. I do not show designs beforehand but I am open to small adjustments (if doable) at the time of your appointment to ensure you are satisfied with your tattoo!


My minimum is $150. All designs are priced by piece; based on size, location, detail, and technicality. 5 hours is my maximum for one session and can range between $500-$700.

I open my books every 4 months. I will post on instagram for every booking session- typically I leave them open to submissions for 5 days.


I will give you a little aftercare goodie-bag at your appointment with an aftercare instructions sheet. I use saniderm unless asked otherwise.